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Environmental: Adipic acid is not expected to volatilize from dry soil surfaces based on its extrapolated vapor pressure. Biodegradability screening tests indicate that adipic acid is readily biodegradable. An 84% conversion of adipic acid's carbon content to carbon dioxide was observed after 30 days aerobic incubation in soil biometer flasks at
Daishan Dyestuff Chemical Plant: Manufacturer: China: The enterprise mainly produces and sells each kind of product and so on dye, dye intermediate, medicine intermediate.Above 70% exports to country and the area and so on the US, Japan andWestern Europe. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Pa g e 3 of 6 MSDS-0001 Pre p are d to OSHA, A C C, ANSI, N OHSC, WHMIS & 2001/58 EC Stand ards MSDS Revision: 1.0 MSDS Revision Date: 01/10/2010 6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES 6.1 Spills: When accidentally discharged, prevent the product from flowing.

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Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. Material Safety Data Sheet ... Contains benzyl alcohol which may cause headache, dizziness, nausea and drowsiness. ... MSDS Document ...
The product on this Material Safety Data Sheet is not listed on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory. However, all components used in the manufacture of this product are included in the TSCA Inventory. Section Sixteen: Other Information

N/A Flammable Limits N/A LEL N/A UEL Extinguishing Media CO2, Foam Spray, Dry chemical. Special Fire Fighting Procedures Product contains alcohol. Use water spray to cool container. Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards The information and recommendations in this data sheet are believed to be correct and reliable. However the Application. It can be used in solution polymerization and emulsion polymerization to form linear homopolymers and various copolymers.It can be used in the production of cationic flocculant, antistatic coating, paper-making intensifier, retention and drainage aid, oilfield drilling auxiliaries, textile auxiliaries, daily chemical additives and so on.
References : Manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet Other Special Considerations : Not available. The information above is believed to be accurate and represents the best information currently available to us. However, we make no warranty of merchantability or any other warranty, express or implied, with respect to

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SIGMA-ALDRICH MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Date Printed: 03/03/2004 Date Updated: 10/20/2003 Version 1.3 Section 1 - Product and Company Information Disclaimer The SDS samples above are collected from the Internet by chemBlink and displayed here for the tutorial purpose only. chemBlink Inc. provides the information contained herein in good faith but makes no representation as to its comprehensiveness or accuracy.
material safety data sheet carbaryl 4l insecticide page 1 of 3 for chemical emergency, spill, leak, fire, exposure or accident, call chemtrec - day or night 1-800-424-9300 1. chemical product and company identification formulated for: N-alkyl Dimethyl Ethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride (C12-C14) 2.25 68956-79-6 Nonylphenol Ethoxylate 0 - 5 9016-45-9 Tetrasodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate 0 - 5 64-02-8